Brunch on Saturdays in Kallio, Helsinki – Restaurant Oiva

Looking for a brunch place in Helsinki? Try out Restaurant Oiva's brunch in Kallio, Helsinki.  See also our advertisements about theme brunches on various national holidays!

Book a table for a brunch

Table reservations can be made online, by phone on 010 219 2980 or by email. Bookings for the same day by phone only.


Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm and

€ 25,00 , 4–8 yrs €6.50 and 9–12 yrs €13

Table reservations: electronically here for groups of more than 8
persons by email to or call 010 219 2980

Bookings for the same day by phone only.

On Saturdays you can book a table between 10 am and 2.30 pm, and on Sundays we have sittings at 10 am,10.30 am, 12 noon, 12.30 pm and either 2.00 pm or 2.30 pm. There is a better chance of getting a table without a reservation after 2.30 pm.. 


Karelian pies and egg butter (L)
Croissants (L)
Oiva's bread, rolls, rye bread and spreads
Cold cuts (G, D) and cheeses (G, L)
Salmon chevice (G, D)
Green salad and mango & ginger vinaigrette (G, D, V)
Grandma's cucumbers and horseradish beetroots pumpkin pickle (G, D, V)
Mushroom salad (G, D, V)
Tomato and chili hummus (G, D, V)
Salad with potato, gnocchi, nuts and green beans (D, V)
Salad with pomegranate, root vegetables and Finnish squeaky cheese (G, L)
Marinated vegetable salad (G, D, V)
Chicken and pasta salad (D)
Roasted tofu and butternut squash (G, D, V)
Meatballs (D)
Harju's elk & lovage sausage (G, D)
Cheese omelette (G, L)
Patatas Bravas & aioli (G, D, V)
Yoghurts (G, L) (G, D, V) house muesli (D, V) and
mixed berries
Fruit and cheeses
Apple pie (G, D) and vanilla sauce (L)
Oreo chocolate cheese cake and raspberry melba (G, D, V)
Cherro roly poly (L)
Cookies and spice cake (L)
Caramel profiteroles (L) and sweets buffet
Orange juice and ice tea
Coffee and tea

G - Gluten-free
V - Vegan
L - Lactose-free
M - Dairy-free



* We reserve the right to make changes to the menus

Photos: Mikko Uosukainen

@mikkouosukainen_food and @dinnerbooking