Private room in Kallio, Helsinki

Restaurant Oiva's private roomin Kallio could be the setting for your next event, whether it's a Christmas party, meeting, dinner party, memorial service, birthday party or other celebration. The private room has sufficient capacity for 35 people. We do not charge extra for using the room, and Oiva can handle the catering. The private room also has an art exhibition that changes every month. Contact Oiva and we will organise a party in line with your preferences.

Oiva private room equipment

The Oiva private room has a video projector and screen for meetings and visual presentations. 

Catering for your events

Your kitchen can handle catering for events of all kinds. You
can order brunch-style food, coffee and cake, and full-course dinners. We have a good selection of both artisan and draught beers, and high-quality wines from the old and new world. We also consider people with special diets, preparing delicious alternatives for them..

See pictures of our catering and premises.

Book a private room in Kallio, Helsinki

Looking for a cosy venue for a party or event in Helsinki? Contact Restaurant Oiva! We can offer you a private room for no extra charge, and delicious catering in line with your preferences.