lunch at Ravintola Oiva

buffet lunch in Helsinki's Kallio district

Indulge in the delightful daily lunch at Ravintola Oiva, located in Helsinki's vibrant Kallio district.

Savor our daily buffet lunch, featuring a delightful spread of homemade dishes, served from 10:30am to 2:30pm.


At Oiva, we warmly welcome both small and large groups for lunch, ensuring ample space to accommodate everyone.

You can make an online reservation for lunch  HERE

Reservations for more than 8 people can be made by e-mail at or by phone on 0102192980

Same-day reservations are always made by the phone. 

buffet lunch

Our buffet table offers a daily soup, three hot meal options, a variety of salads, and bread.

For dessert, we serve coffee/tea along with a small sweet treat.


Soup of the Day 12,70 €
Soup & salad lunch 11,40 €

Lunch for Seniors 65+ (recommended between 13–14:30) 11,40 €


Mon 26.6.

Smoked salmon soup (G, L)

Falafel & corriander mayonnaise (G, D, V)

Pesto-chicken pasta (L)

Meatloaf & cognac sauce (L)



Tues 27.6.
Cream of chicken soup (G, L)

Chickpea & veg curry (G, D, V)

Thai pork curry (G,L) & basmati rice

Crispy fish filets (L) & remoulade (G, L)


Wed 28.6.

Cheesy cauliflower soup (G, L)

Tofu-ratatouille (G, D, V)

Lamb salsiccia pasta (L)

Roast chicken Mojo Rojo (G, D)


Thurs 29.6.
Pea & ham soup (G, D) with pancakes (L)

Carrot crêpe (L) with berry compote

Jansson's Temptation (pickled sprat, potato, & onion casserole) (G, L)

Peppered beaf steak (G, L)


Pe 30.6.

Potato & leek soup (G, L)

Tuna & onion pizza (L)

Mince & cabbage casserole (G, M) w/ lingonberry jam

Battered pork cutlets (M) with choron sauce



Our fresh meat is sourced from the following countries:
Beef: Finland, Germany
Pork: Finland
Chicken: Finland


We reserve the right to change the menu.

G- gluten free
L- lactose free
LL- low lactose
D - dairy free
VEG- vegan


For more information about allergens and the origin of our food, please consult our staff.

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